Meet Hugo Award winner Kameron Hurley and Nebula Award finalist R. B. Lemberg at ConFusion

Join Guest of Honor Kameron Hurley and the acclaimed R. B. Lemberg at Confusion, January 16-19 in Detroit, MI.

In addition to being the longest-running fan-run SF/F convention in Michigan, ConFusion is a premier event for publishing professionals and fans alike. It is hailed as a place to experience programming and guests on the caliber you find at a WorldCon, while located in a convenient and affordable setting.

What is ConFusion?

Pro Guest of Honor: Kameron Hurley
Creative Guest of Honor: Brandon O’Brien
Fan Guest of Honor: Bogi Takács
Science Guest of Honor: Dr. Julie Lesnik

Cover by Elizabeth Story based on initial concepts by Francesca Myman

Hurley and Lemberg are participating in several events at the convention.

Managing and Overcoming Professional BurnoutFri, 1pmPanelists: Marissa Lingen (M), Pablo Defendini, Ken Schrader, Kameron Hurley
ReadingFri, 2pmBogi Takács and R.B. Lemberg
Avoiding Muddled Messes in World-BuildingFri, 6pmPanelists: Sarah E Gibbons (M), Cherie Melinda Priest, Tracy Townsend, J. Zachary Pike, R.B. Lemberg
Ready, Steady, Flash!Fri, 6pmPanelists: Lee Harris (M), Brandon Crilly, Seanan McGuire, Stephanie Malia Morris, Kameron Hurley
Opening CeremoniesFri, 7PMPanelists: Lithie Dubois (M), Seanan McGuire, Gwenda Bond, Kameron Hurley, Bogi Takács, Brandon O’Brien, Dr. Julie Lesnik
Evolving Visions of Toxic MasculinitySat, 10amPanelists: Jason Sanford (M), Marsalis, Jim C. Hines, Kameron Hurley, Brandon O’Brien
Emotional Non-Violence In FictionSat, 11amPanelists: E.D.E. Bell (M), Jason Sanford, R.B. Lemberg, Brandon O’Brien
KaffeeklatschSat, 11amKameron Hurley
Don’t Fridge The MessengerSat, 1pmPanelists: Nora E. Derrington (M), E. Jade Lomax, K. Lynne O’Connor, Kameron Hurley
Masculinity and Trauma Recovery in Genre FictionSat, 2pmPanelists: Brandon O’Brien (M), Adam R. Shannon, dave ring, John Wiswell, R.B. Lemberg
The Art of Writing Non-Linear NarrativesSat, 4pmPanelists: E.D.E. Bell (M), Jason Sanford, Gwenda Bond, Kameron Hurley
Black Gate Interview with Author GoHSun, 10amPanelists: Brandon Crilly, Kameron Hurley
Closing CeremoniesSun, 3pmPanelists: Lithie Dubois (M), Seanan McGuire, Gwenda Bond, Kameron Hurley, Bogi Takács, Brandon O’Brien, Dr. Julie Lesnik

January 16-19
Sheraton Detroit Novi
Detroit, MI