Elly Bangs’ gritty, thought-provoking cyberpunk adventure UNITY is chock-full of both big ideas and high-energy action

Though months away, Elly Bangs’ debut UNITY is already generating excitement. Coming your way in April, UNITY by Elly Bangs is available for pre-order through all finer booksellers or direct from Tachyon.

With a glowing review, PUBLISHERS WEEKLY delivers the first review for the novel.

Chock-full of both big ideas and high-energy action, Bangs’s thrilling debut centers on a mad chase across a dystopian Earth in search of a collective consciousness that could save humanity from itself.


This gritty, thought-provoking cyberpunk adventure does the genre justice.

SFF180 includes the work among Anticipated Science Fiction 2021.

DEAR GEEK PLACE feels much the same.

Time for one that hit my radar thanks to Sci-Fi Month! Anything that can be compared to both Mad Max and Sense8 is definitely going to interest me, so this one immediately went on my list of books to watch out for, next year.

On the Tachyon Publications Channel, Bangs talks UNITY.