THE Tachyon party dress

For Tachyon’s 20th anniversary shindig, Associate Editor Rachel Fagundes showed up in a sensational and appropriate dress for the occasion.


(photo: Francesca Myman)

Rachel’s custom dress was made for the party by designer Martina Ballante, based on Rachel’s cover selections and laid out by Tachyon’s lead designer Elizabeth Story. The fabric was printed by SPOONFLOWER.

I already owned a few dresses made from Star Trek themed fabric or featuring other geeky prints, and I always got asked about them whenever I wore them out to conventions. This got me thinking that it would be a lot of fun to have a dress that showed off our beautiful Tachyon book covers, and it would give me a chance to talk about our books at comic conventions and other events.

I tried to pick covers that showed off a variety of our novels, novellas, anthologies, and short story collections in the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres—that all worked together in the same color scheme. 


Tachyon 15 used for the dress:

The only thing seemingly missing from Rachel’s dress was the ability to time travel.