The pioneering Cory Doctorow speaks at the DWeb Meetup — If Big Tech Is Toxic, How Do We Build Something Better?

Cory Doctorow by Jonathan Worth, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Influential blogger, journalist, and author Cory Doctorow joins Jay Graber, Amandine Le Pape, and Mike Masnick as a panel of experts for DWeb Meetup — If Big Tech Is Toxic, How Do We Build Something Better? on Tuesday, September 22 9:30AM-11:30AM PST.

Most of us are familiar with the problems with Big Tech — those “free” walled gardens that we actually pay for with our most private data, in exchange for convenient access to social networks and online marketplaces.

A new film released this month on Netflix, The Social Dilemma, is laying out a scathing case against Big Tech and will crystallize the issues for a global audience of tens of millions.

So if the existing Internet infrastructure is terrible for us, what can take its place?

How do we build an Internet that is more resilient, participatory, and decentralized?

What kinds of technological and regulatory systems do we need to make this happen?

Our next DWeb Meetup will feature a panel of experts to discuss these questions and share with us their visions of the future.

Cory Doctorow will make the case for the legislative path to an interoperable Internet. He argues that regulations could create minimum standards for interoperability and remove existing legal barriers that stifle competition from promising interoperators.

SCHEDULE: (all times are Pacific Time)

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