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Jane Yolen (photo: Jason Stemple), Lavie Tidhar, David Sandner & Jacob Weisman (James Patrick Kelly), and Ellen Datlow

On APB-SAL, Trent Walters discusses Jane Yolen‘s HOW TO FRACTURE A FAIRY TALE.

The collection is definitely worth investigating. Maybe you
agree with the present ordering, or maybe you can try it as the book seems to
suggest it wants to be. Either way, turning the page isn’t too hard a chore to
get the book that you want. I, for one, want HOW TO FRACTURE A FAIRY TALE.


Edmonton Public Library recommends Lavie Tidhar’s THE VIOLENT CENTURY.

read THE VIOLENT CENTURY after reading a great review of Tidhar’s
CENTRAL STATION and then settling for this earlier book while I waited.
Good thing I did, because THE VIOLENT CENTURY is a very odd, very fresh
take on classic superhero stories. Set mainly during WWII, it’s a dark,
suspenseful, and tragic reflection on heroism, love and friendship. And
it’s weird. A really weird and wonderful book.


PUBLISHERS WEEKLY praises David Sandner and Jacob Weisman’s Mingus Fingers.

[T]he odd magic and arresting imagery captures the feel of jazz. What this
offbeat novella lacks in cohesion it makes up for in style. 


DEN OF GEEK!’S Autumnal Book Guide: 15 Best Fall 2019 Reads includes Ellen Datlow’s Echoes: The Saga Anthology of Ghost Stories.

Don’t sleep on this anthology—it’s perfect for the fall season.


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