With the bestselling SEA CHANGE, Nancy Kress weaves a complex main character, an intricate plot, and astounding world-building into a harrowing book of what could easily be our future

ELLEY THE BOOK OTTER enjoys SEA CHANGE, their first experience with Nancy Kress.

I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did. I love the sci-fi/speculative fic meets dystopia a little bit of mystery in this novella. For a shorter book (192 pages) it was really involved with a complex main character, an intricate plot, and astounding world-building. The world Nancy Kress builds is a harrowing look at what could all to easily be the way the world goes. Go read this book, open your mind. It maaaaybe helps that Kress’s views on GMO’s (or at least what I assume them to be based on this book) very closely align with my own. And then of course I read this during the height (oh lord, I hope this is the height…) of the Covid-19 situation, where the world already feels like living in a spec-fic novel, so there was that added layer of spiciness.

Upon finishing this book I immediately went to check out Nancy Kress’s back catalog, and there’s really no higher recommendation for a book.

For the week ending September 5, BOSWELL BOOK COMPANY included SEA CHANGE as one of their bestsellers.

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