David Ebenbach’s delightfully unconventional HOW TO MARS is a poignant examination of what it means to be human

KIRKUS delivers the first review of David Ebenbach’s HOW TO MARS. Though not coming out until May, HOW TO MARS is currently available for pre-order through all finer booksellers or direct from Tachyon.

Six Marsonauts must survive on the red planet after their reality TV show is canceled in this delightfully unconventional novel


Told from the perspectives of various characters—even ethereal Martian life-forms that refer to themselves as the Patterns—and complemented with excerpts from the Destination Mars! handbook and Jenny’s humorous research notes, the story has a strong sense of whimsy, but Ebenbach also creates depth by exploring issues like engineer Stefan’s feelings of estrangement and violence and Jenny’s guilt over her sister’s suicide years earlier.

A poignant examination of what it means to be human.

Without comment the Kali Krew on SCI-FI & SCARY includes the book among forthcoming titles they’re excited about.

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David Ebenbach’s new novel wittily dismantles the classic space adventure story. In it, the first colonists on Mars struggle not only with the technical and existential challenges of living on another world, but also with much more familiar conundrums: boredom, cabin fever, a crazy coworker, an unplanned pregnancy, corporate incompetence. Funny and wonderfully inventive, HOW TO MARS is equal parts an absurdist cautionary tale and a warm-hearted exploration of those things, good, bad and indifferent, that make us human.

—Emily Mitchell, author of Viral Stories