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Jacob Weisman, Nalo Hopkinson, Joe R. Lansdale (Karen Lansdale), W. P. Kinsella (Ed Steer)


If you are looking for a straightforward collection of stories about first contact and alien invasions, this anthology will not be your cup of tea. If you are hoping to find science fiction/horror hybrids, you will find a few– “Escape From Spiderhead” and “Fugue State” are both pretty terrifying, and “Monstro” has some frightening moments. The best audience for this collection, though, is the curious reader interested in seeing what “literary” writers produce as science fiction. It might not convince dedicated science fiction readers to join the literary mainstream, but it could be that readers of some of these more mainstream, contemporary authors, might be convinced to stick a toe into the deep waters of science fiction. For that reason, large public libraries will want to consider it, and shelve it in the regular fiction collection. Recommended.


Veronica H of the Seattle Public Library’s SHELF TALK highlights Nalo Hopkinson as one of the authors who are following in Octavia Butler’s “footsteps and changing the definitions of science fiction and fantasy.”

Nalo Hopkinson has been writing in the genre for almost two decades, with Brown Girl in the Ring and Midnight Robberbeing perhaps her most well-known books. She also edited, along with Uppinder Mehan, a 2004 anthology of post-colonial science fiction and fantasy titled So Long Been Dreaming that features an amazing collection of short stories by writers of color from all over the world. Her most recent work is a collection of short stories titled FALLING IN LOVE WITH HOMINIDS.


FAR FETCHED FABLES shares an audio version of Joe R. Lansdale’s “The Dark Down There” from his collection DEADMAN’S ROAD


In her survey of baseball fiction, Suzy McGinley of the CHARLESTON GAZETTE-MAIL includes THE ESSENTIAL W. P. KINSELLA.

In the realm of fantasy baseball, there’s one story that is known by almost everyone: “Shoeless Joe,” this 1982 novel by W. P. Kinsella became the wonderful movie “Field of Dreams.”

“THE ESSENTIAL W. P. KINSELLA” includes 31 of his best and eclectic short stories. These stories include an encounter with the deceased Roberto Clemente as well as the escapades of some members of Canada’s First Nations.


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