Nancy Kress’ SEA CHANGE is another excellent, fast-paced read from one of speculative fiction’s most consistent voices

Excitement begins to mount for Nancy Kress’ forthcoming SEA CHANGE.

Christopher East on his eponymous blog praises the novella.

Drowning coastlines, climate refugees, and extreme weather feature prominently in most climate-change SF, but the effects of climate change on agriculture and food security are less frequently explored. Kress corrects this with a characteristically brisk and engaging science fiction thriller. This one quickly establishes an intriguing tapestry of connected mysteries, and then gradually solves them by deftly executing a flashback structure to bounce back and forth through time to fill in the puzzle pieces. Along the way, she mixes a convincing, extended romance subplot in with suspenseful intrigue and convincing futurism. It’s another excellent, fast-paced read from one of speculative fiction’s most consistent voices.

DISCIPLES OF BOLTAX shares similar sentiments.

It was, in a word, fantastic. Ms. Kress has crafted a brilliant and frighteningly realistic near future world where genetically modified foods are a crime and anyone trying to use science feed the hungry is hunted down by the government. It is a taut thriller that never slows down and leaves you wanting more. 

Photo by Liza Trombi

Russell Letson in LOCUS (Issue 709, February 2020) reviews the book.

SEA CHANGE includes plenty of old-fashioned science-fictional didaxis – the actuality of the threat of biological disaster, the how and why of ecological change, the machineries of political and social panic and crackdown, the dueling protocols of underground movement and law-enforcement agency. There’s even a molecular diagram of a neurotoxin to accompany the account of how it’s generated in algae blooms. But the book kicks harder because we see and feel the impact of these processes on a whole life, close-up.

At the official STAR TREK site, Margaret Kingsbury includes SEA CHANGE in 20 2020 Sci-Fi Books to Read Based on Your Favorite Star Trek Character.

Renata/Caroline Denton is a lawyer and operative in an underground science organization whose research could save the world. B’Elanna should enjoy the who-done-it turn the book takes when a spy infiltrates the group and only Renata can discover who it is.

Gary Wolfe in The Coode Street Podcast (Episode 363: Books We’re Looking Forward to in 2020) mentions the work.