WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE draws you along headfirst


On her blog Handful_Ofdust, author Gemma Files really enjoyed Daryl Gregory’s We Are All Completely Fine.

The first one I’ve completed thus far is something I actually already wanted to read anyhow, Darren [sic] Gregory’s novella We Are All Completely Fine, which centres around a support and therapy group for survivors of supernatural events. Said supernatural events all turn out to be related, of course; they’re based around incursions from a hell-like other dimension, one which has in its time infected this reality with its presence through a Silent Hill-like video game, a serial killer who opens his victims up and shrimshaws their bones, a djinni-worshipping cult, a family of cannibals trapping people to feed their mutating “spider-mother,” an Innsmouthian village full of weird creatures, etc. The attention to detail in terms of PTSD is really great, but so is the not-so-slow-burn plot, always building in the background and drawing you along headfirst.

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