Happy birthday to the fantastical Andrew Fox

A steady childhood diet of Marvel Comics, Planet of the Apes movies, and Ray Bradbury novels informed the acclaimed literary romps of Andrew Fox. Best known for his trio of Fat Vampire Chronicles (Fat Vampire Blues [2003; winner of Ruthven Award for Best Vampire Fiction], Bride of the Fat White Vampire [2004], and Fat White Vampire Otaku [2014]), he also penned THE GOOD HUMOR MAN (2009), selected by Booklist as one of the Ten Best SF/Fantasy Novels of the Year and was nominated for a Prometheus Award, and the Civil War steampunk suspense novel Fire of Iron (2013). Hazardous Imaginings: The Mondo Book of Politically Incorrect Science Fiction (2020) collects two short novels and five short stories, which push the boundaries of taboo in science fiction. The Fox-edited anthology Again, Hazardous Imaginings: More Politically Incorrect Science Fiction is slated for a December release.

The multi-faceted Fox has been employed as a mime, public-safety advocate, playwright, and, after Hurricane Katrina, a part of FEMA’s Gulf Coast Recovery Office. He’s also bagged groceries, sold Saturn cars, taught musical theater to summer campers, worked as an adjunct to a rabbi at a Hillel Center, done mindless data entry, sung in a choir, and collected more than 250 vintage laptop and palmtop computers. In 2009 after many years in New Orleans, Fox relocated with his family to Northern Virginia to take a job with a federal crime prevention agency.

All of us at Tachyon wish Andy a geektastic birthday!