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  • WICKED WONDERS and TIME GYPSY by Ellen Klages
  • HAP AND LEONARD by Joe R. Lansdale
  • HER SMOKE ROSE UP FOREVER by James Tiptree, Jr.
  • SIX MONTHS THREE DAYS by Charlie Jane Anders
  • MEET ME IN THE FUTURE by Kameron Hurley
Cover design by Elizabeth Story

2018 World Fantasy Award nominee
2018 Locus finalist – Best short story collection
2018 Alex Award nominee

[STARRED REVIEW] “Magical stories unfurl with marvelous subtlety in this delightful collection from Klages.”
Publishers Weekly

A rebellious child identifies with Maleficent instead of Sleeping Beauty. A solitary woman inherits a penny arcade haunted by a beautiful stranger. A prep-school student requires more than luck when playing dice with a faerie. Ladies who lunch—dividing one last bite of dessert—delve into new dimensions of quantum politeness. From on a habitat on Mars to a boardinghouse in London, discover the wicked, wondrous adventures of Ellen Klages (The Green Glass Sea).

Cover by Carl Sutton Design by Elizabeth Story

2019 Otherwise Award Honor List
2019 Locus Award Finalist

[STARRED REVIEW] “One of the best story collections of the past few years.”—Booklist

“Kameron Hurley is a badass.” —Annalee Newitz, author of Autonomous

When renegade author Kameron Hurley (The Light Brigade; The Stars Are Legion) takes you to the future, be prepared for the unexpected. It will be dangerous, frequently brutal, and often devastating. But also, savagely funny and deliriously strange. In these edgy, unexpected tales, a body-hopping mercenary avenges his pet elephant, an orphan falls in love with a sentient starship, and a swamp-dwelling introvert tries to save the world—from her plague-casting former wife.

Cover by Elizabeth Story

Some of the funniest, lovingly antagonistic, and memorial dialogue of any crime series.”

Hap and Leonard have never fit the profile, and that is not going to change. Hap Collins looks like a good ’ol boy, but his liberal politics don’t match. After a number of failed careers, Hap has found his calling: kicking ass.

Vietnam veteran Leonard Pine is even more complicated: black, conservative, gay . . . and an occasional arsonist. With Leonard on the job with his childhood friend Hap, both small-time crooks and the masterminds of the Dixie Mafia had best be extremely nervous.

Here are Joe R. Lansdale’s popular Texan crime-fighting duo in this first, hard-nosed collection of short stories.

Cover by John Picacio

“There is just one great collection of Tiptree’s fiction in print…Her Smoke Rose Up Forever from Tachyon Publications. It contains all of her major short stories.”
New York Times Book Review

Featuring: Hugo Award winner: “The Girl Who was Plugged In” and Hugo Award winner: “Houston, Houston, Do You Read?”

Her Smoke Rose Up Forever collects eighteen brilliant short stories from a luminary of the science-fiction genre, James Tiptree, Jr. This updated edition is the quintessential Tiptree collection and contains revisions from the author’s original notes. Tiptree’s fiction reflects the darkly complex world its author inhabited: exploring the alien among us; the unreliability of perception; love, sex, and death; and humanity’s place in a vast, cold universe.

Cover by John D. Berry

“A superior array of creative and thoughtful writing.”

“Deserve[s] to grace the shelves of all science-fiction and gender-studies fans.”
SF Site

In these provocative award-winning tales intersecting sexuality and identity, a third-world fashionista masters the Internet, an itinerant poet collaborates with its eight selves, a four-way marriage flouts social conventions, and an ugly duckling is reinvented as a compromised swan. You will be subverted and you will like it.

Cover by Elizabeth Story

2012 Hugo Award winner
2012 Nebula Award nominee
2012 Theodore Sturgeon Award nominee

Doug and Judy both know exactly how and when their romance will play out. Because they both happen to be clairvoyant.

Hurtling toward their foretold breakup, Doug and Judy must each determine how immutable the future really is—except when it isn’t. Can two people who are always right somehow prove each other wrong?

In her bittersweet and witty Six Months, Three Days, Charlie Jane Anders (All the Birds in the Sky) chronicles a brief relationship that is both impossible and familiar to anyone who has fallen in—and out—of love.

Cover by Emily Netterfield
Design by Eleanor Farrell

“‘Time Gypsy’ is about science, about history, and about falling in love. It’s a hard science ‘chick’ story where the scientist is a woman and has a heart as well as a brain. It’s the kind of story I wanted to read when I was growing up, but it just hadn’t been written yet.”
—Ellen Klages

A modern post-doctoral physicist gets the opportunity of a lifetime: to travel backward in time and meet her heroine, Dr. Sara Baxter Clarke. But there is something else that Carol McCullough never could have expected in the shockingly oppressive world of 1956: Love.