SEA CHANGE by Nancy Kress does not disappoint

WINE AND PROSES praises Nancy Kress’ SEA CHANGE.

Let’s start with this – I have been a huge Nancy Kress fan ever since I first read Beggars in Spain, years ago.  And this book did not disappoint.

Like her other books, there’s science involved – I’m not a science person, but it’s clearly enough written that I get what she’s explaining.  Hey, makes me feel smart!  Her characters, as usual, are interesting and well developed – even minor characters in the book feel real.  Mixed motives, people who are not saints or demons, people who I understand.  I may not agree with what they do, but what they do makes sense in the context of the book.

And, most of all, her books always make me think.  Even if I start the book with a specific preconception (like about GMO food), she makes me re-think my preconceptions. I like reading that challenges me and makes me reconsider my own biases.  No matter how I come out in the end, I like having other ways to think about issues – and Nancy Kress does this very well.

Boswell Book Company Sci-Fi Book Club chose SEA CHANGE for their September selection. The group meets on Monday, September 14, 7 pm at Boswell or virtually.

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