Mixture of horror, humor, and action elements makes DEADMAN’S ROAD a must-read for fans of dark literature


At Buzzy Mag, Gabino Iglesias praises Joe R. Lansdale’s Deadman’s Road.

Between horses, thick accents, cowboy boots, and guns, there’s plenty in Deadman’s Road to satisfy fans of Westerns. However, it’s the mixture of horror, humor, and action elements that makes this collection a must-read for fans of dark literature. Regardless of where he is, Mercer always finds trouble. Despite his rugged exterior, the man is on a mission from God, and he repeatedly risks life and limb to ensure the safety of others.


With Deadman’s Road, Lansdale has paid homage to the things that inspired him to pursue a career in dark literature. However, the best thing about it is that he has used his tremendous talent to bring horror, pulp, and Westerns together and make them available and entertaining for the variety of generations that read his work.

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Cover art “The Quick and the Undead” by Travis J. Elston. Design by Elizabeth Story.