Read THE VERY BEST OF FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION, VOLUME TWO and enjoy geeking out to your hearts content


For Starburst, Jessie Nash lavishes praise upon The Very Best of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Volume 2.

With more than six decades worth of amazing stories, it’s no wonder there needed to be a ‘Volume Two’ ofFantasy & Science Fiction magazine’s The Very Best of. Bringing together stories dating from the 1950s up to 2011, this collection encompasses everything from the golden age of sci-fi to modern urban fantasies, with everyone from Heinlein to Elizabeth Hand making an appearance. But this isn’t just a roll call of famous names – this really is a collection of some of the best sci-fi and fantasy short stories out there.


Pretty much every subgenre is in here: cyberpunk, time travel, space opera, urban fantasy, horror, humour, just bloody weird, and more. Creative writers looking for a crash course in what makes a good story would find a lot to work with here, and newcomers to sci-fi will have a feast.

Basically, it’s great and it’s fun; so buy it, read it, and enjoying geeking out to your hearts content.


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Cover by Thomas Canty.