The must-have OF MICE AND MINESTRONE features some of Joe R. Lansdale’s best writing

The raves keep rolling in for Joe R. Lansdale’s OF MICE AND MINESTRONE – HAP AND LEONARD: THE EARLY YEARS.

For BOOKREPORTER, Joe Hartlaub praises the collection.

The newly published OF MICE AND MINESTRONE is a must-have collection of (mostly) original short fiction that partially pulls back the veil on their early encounters, a kind of “child is father to the man” retrospective that features some of Lansdale’s best writing.

255 BOOK REVIEW recommends the book.

Perhaps for completists and series fans only, but this is still great stuff. Tall tales of East Texas rambunctiousness and formative experiences, delivered in Lansdale’s effortless economic style. The book even features a few recipes from the yarns, contributed (in character) by Lansdale’s daughter Kasey. Recommended.

Writer Dan at ELITIST BOOK REVIEWS enjoys their first encounter with Lansdale and Hap and Leonard.

I think I just need to read me some more Lansdale. That’s the conclusion I’ve come to at the end of this read. Anyone else love this guy’s stuff? If you haven’t tried him yet, and you enjoy great storytelling with great writing, then you need to pick something up from him. You won’t regret it. I certainly don’t.

Over on the Tachyon Publications You Tube Channel, catch Kasey’s Kitchen, where Kasey Lansdale recreates recipes from OF MICE AND MINESTRONE. There are four in all.

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