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Nancy Springer (photo: Bob O’Lary), Hannu Rajaniemi, Jo Walton, Cory Doctorow (Jonathan Worth, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0), and Brandon Sanderson (Ceridwen via Wikimedia Commons)

For PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, Rose Fox’s Top 10 SF, Fantasy, and Horror titles for Spring, 2018 includes new books from Nancy Springer and Hannu Rajaniemi.

Nancy Springer, Tachyon, May 15
After decades of writing young adult books and delicately magical contemporary fantasies, Springer makes a surprising shift into epic fantasy with a tale of royal dynasties and supernatural entities.


by Hannu Rajaniemi, Tor, June 26
Known for mixing caper stories with the hardest of hard SF, Rajaniemi switches it up with this espionage tale set in an afterlife that both the British Empire and the U.S.S.R. are bent on exploiting.


ME, YOU, AND BOOKS praises Jo Walton’s STARLINGS.

In addition, Walton includes some of her poetry in the anthology.  Some of these are based on classic pieces of literature. All reflect Walton’s attention to words.  The book itself takes its name from one of her poems which defines starlings as “little stars” released in the universe.

I recommend STARLINGS to those who love and know Walton’s work and more generally to fantasy fans curious about how an author’s mind works.


Keith Rice at UNBOUND WORLDS includes titles by Cory Doctorow and Brandon Sanderson in Text-Based: The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy for Gamers.

From the earliest versions of Dungeons and Dragons, the worlds of fiction and gaming have overlapped and intermingled, one medium influencing the other in a fascinating tangle that’s challenged the definitions and boundaries of both. There’s a lot in the worlds of sci-fi and fantasy fiction to appeal to gamers’ sensibilities – much in the same way the inverse is true. When you’re searching for something to do in those moments when you step away from your gaming rig or console of choice, SFF fiction is the perfect place to land. Here are a few of our favorites with more than a little gaming appeal. 

With For the Win Cory Doctorow imagines a future not that far removed from our present. A world where most people spend their time seeking fame and fortune in MMOs, while others are kept in practical slavery farming gold to power the shadow economy that drives these games. However, a collection of disparate and talented gamers will soon to be brought together to bring this volatile system to its knees.

A stunning magic system, intriguing takes on classic fantasy tropes, a dangerous heist, and intricate lore – there’s a lot for gamers of all stripes to love in Brandon Sanderon’s Mistborn Trilogy. Kelsier is a brilliant thief with the power of a Mistborn – someone with powerful abilities gained by metabolizing and manipulating metal. When he pulls together a crew to take the most dangerous heist of his career, Kel stumbles onto a powerful but jaded girl named Vin who may just be the key to everything.

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