The Spanish magazine La Espada En La Tinta can’t wait for THE VERY BEST OF TAD WILLIAMS


The Spanish magazine La Espada En La Tinta is very excited about The Very Best of Tad Williams.

(Horrible translation from Spanish, courtesy of Google.)

Countless followers of Tad Williams are in luck, or at least those who can read English, because in May reach the independent publisher  Tachyon Publications anthology of short stories by American writer in playing genres like epic fantasy, fantasy urban, the Young Adult  or cyberpunk . This anthology not only collected short works previously published in anthologies published throughout the world, but only stories that have been published in limited editions, all of them featuring dragons, wizards, murderers, heroes, and other fantastic items subject to all we used to read. In Spain we have known for trilogies or series as “Sorrow and Thorn”, “Otherland” or “Shadowmarch” plus independent titles such as The Song of Tailchaser one such print titles that today is being bought in the market resale. In either case, Tad Williams is in Spain and beyond its borders, an icon of fantasy literature.

For the entire feature, which also makes a special mention of Ellen Datlow’s newest anthology Lovecraft’s Monsters, in its original Spanish, visit La Espada En La Tinta.

For more information on The Very Best of Tad Williams, visit the Tachyon page.

Cover by Kerem Beyit.

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