Meet Daryl Gregory, author of WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE


Following the publication of the French edition of Raising Stony Mayhall, Daryl Gregory’s first book published in French, Le Bélial’s Laurent Queyssi interviewed the author of We Are All Completely Fine.

(Poorly translated from the French by Google Translate)

But at the time of writing, I realized I was telling the story of a Christ figure. Jesus was the first zombie after all. Stony is an undead, but he was raised by humans he loves. It is a bridge between two species. Unfortunately, history shows us that messiahs are not treated very well.

Once I knew I was going to tell the whole life of Stony and I wanted to spend some of his childhood idyllic something more complex political and philosophical terms, I realized that I had to divide the book into several parts. The first depicts his childhood among humans. The second, his political awakening as a person oppressed and learning nature of zombie. The third part talks about his imprisonment (all major political leaders spend time in prison) and the fourth … here, I’ll let readers discover themselves.


My most recent release is a novella, half the length that Afterparty. It’s called We are all fine and completely Call it came out in August in English. This is closer to Stony Mayhall since it’s about pop culture and horror stories. I always wonder what happens to the last character standing still, those who survive the end of horror movies. What becomes then? It must be questioned to see a psychiatrist. (My wife is a psychologist, so we talk a lot of therapy.) In the novella, five survivors of five horror stories gathered for a group therapy. They include little by little that their stories are linked and they have not finished …

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