R. B. Lemberg’s THE FOUR PROFOUND WEAVES is one of the great 2020 LGBTQ+ fantasy books

Cover by Elizabeth Story based on initial concepts by Francesca Myman

For BOOK RIOT, Casey Stepaniuk includes R. B. Lemberg’s forthcoming THE FOUR PROFOUND WEAVES (not due until September, but available for pre-order from your favorite bookseller or direct from Tachyon) in 10 Great 2020 Adult LGBTQ+ Fantasy Books.

This trans epic fantasy set in Lemberg’s Birdverse centers on two elder “changers,” a nameless man and his friend Uiziya. The two friends travel through the desert, Uiziya wanting to learn the skill of bone weaving, her friend seeking a name. But when they find the master weaver, they discover the weaver has a difficult task for them to accomplish.

BEAUTY IN THE RUINS can’t wait for the novella’s release.

My pick for this week is a long-awaited queer epic fantasy featuring two transgender protagonists who must learn the weaves to defeat an evil ruler

In the REDDIT group r/Fantasy, leftoverbrine praises the book.

Meaning, most of my reading has been on Four Profound Weaves by RB Lemberg I’m really liking how different it is to anything I’ve read, it really focuses on physical change and identity, but then there is is whole mysterious weaving magic, it’s also very emotionally dark.