With the perfect Jane Yolen stories, THE SCARLET CIRCUS makes for an enjoyable time

The recent release of Jane Yolen’s latest collection THE SCARLET CIRCUS (with an intro from Brandon Sanderson) spawned a flurry of internet activity with glowing reviews from The Book Lover’s Boudoir, Reading Reality, Lisa Loves Literature, Tales Untangled, and The Girl Who Reads. Yolen produced guest posts for John Scalzi’s The Big Idea, Mary Robinette Kowal’s My Favorite Thing, The Booked Unicorn, and Fantasy Cafe. Finally, a pair of interviews/discussions with Paul Samel and for the Los Angeles Public Library.

Cover for The Scarlet Circus, a collection of love stories by Jane Yolen
Cover by Elizabeth Story

I love fantasy and these stories were perfect. I enjoyed each and every one.

The Book Lover’s Boudoir

But overall I’m very glad I picked this up, and enjoyed the ways that it played with romances of many types and stripes and definitions. That “love is all there is is all we know of love” doesn’t have to mean that all loves are exactly the same type.

Reading Reality

I really liked a lot of the stories in this one!

Lisa Loves Literature

This is such a fun short story collection!

I loved every single one of these stories from mermaids, to djinn, to rabbits, and ghosts. The variety was so much fun. I often found I wanted to continue the story with the characters even though it was over. That’s a sign of great writing.

Tales Untangled

If you’ve never taken a look at any of Jane Yolen’s novels, take a look at these short stories. Her work spans multiple genres, so there might be something for you even if high fantasy isn’t your thing.

The Girl Who Reads