Elly Bangs’ UNITY is a must read!

Though not coming out until April, Elly Bangs’ debut novel UNITY is already creating some excitement. UNITY is currently available for pre-order through all finer booksellers or direct from Tachyon.

ANXIOUS NACHOS declares that the book is a must read.

UNITY is the debut novel from queer, trans woman Elly Bang and it sounds like an absolute brilliant piece of work!

In Episode 9 of LITTLE DARLINGS podcast Oren Ashkenazi discusses their experience with the novel.

And so the other one is a book that’s not out yet but it will be out soon. UNITY by L.E. Bangs. And I was a beta reader on this one. And it’s a postapocalyptic story full of resource shortages and gripping problems and real weirdos that you always get in postapocalyptic settings. So if you’re a Fury Road fan, you’ll be way into it, but like also there’s underwater postapocalyptic stuff. And I like underwater stuff, because it’s weird and creepy, so it’s got all of that.

On the Tachyon Publications Channel, Bangs reads from UNITY.