Elly Bangs’ UNITY is one spectacular, wild ride

Though not official coming out until April 21, there are rumored sightings of Elly Bangs’ debut novel UNITY in the wild. UNITY is currently available for order through all finer booksellers or direct from Tachyon.

LOVELY BOOKSHELF praises the novel.

UNITY completely lived up to its descriptions, and my expectations, and it ended up being one spectacular, wild ride. Not only is this novel exciting, but it’s also profoundly thoughtful, especially thinking about the intersection of technology and humanity, and the possible implications in our not-so-distant future. Very cool read.

Joe Karpierz in THE MT VOID agrees.

[O]ne of the best first novels I’ve read in a long time. It seems like Bangs has a bright future ahead of her, and it may be time to hop on for the ride

PAPERBACK PARIS includes the book among Take Them to the Stars: 34 Brilliant Fantasy and Science Fiction Books to Shelve in Spring 2021.