Nick Bantock’s whimsical THE CORSET & THE JELLYFISH recaptures the idiosyncratic charm of Griffin & Sabine

The perfect stocking stuffer, international best-selling Nick Bantock’s THE CORSET & THE JELLYFISH continues to wow readers and critics alike with reviews from Karen Haber in Locus, Mala Rai for The Miramichi Reader, Pamela Scott at The Book Lover’s Boudoir, and John Coulthart on his feuilleton journal. For Nuvo, Rebecca Peng includes the title among A Gift Guide for the Book Lover.

The Corset & the Jellyfish
Cover illustrations by Nick Bantock
Design by Brian DeVoot and Elizabeth Story

Tachyon has done a lovely job – nice paper, nice cover – on this whimsical volume, printed with full color illustrations. A November book, it would make a nice stocking stuffer for fans of Bantock’s work.


Each story survives well on its own, whether a mystery, romance, sci-fi or more. A taste of the macabre is served fresh in “Halloween” as experienced by a curmudgeonly senior. The accompanying art is fitting; you can will it to be so as the smile on the object’s face begins to look sinister. In “A Fool’s Kiss”, unrequited love finds resolution, at a cost. Another favourite is the lead up to murder in “Double-Crossed”. There is the sense that there could be more to each, but they appear perfect on the page, much like watching a festival of short films. 

The Miramichi Reader

 I liked the range of stories on offer and how no two pieces were the same. I like the stories that verge on the fantastic featuring all manner of fantastical creatures, myths and monsters and I liked the stories more seeped in reality. This book is an excellent example of just how powerful so few words can be.

The Book Lover’s Boudoir

Each of Bantock’s illustrations is printed in colour, which I think is a first for the publisher. Given the time of year, THE CORSET & THE JELLYFISH is an ideal gift for any visitors to Calvino’s invisible cities.


Bantock’s illustrated, epistolary novel Griffin and Sabine was an international sensation. His latest book, THE CORSET & THE JELLYFISH, recaptures all of its idiosyncratic charm. The book comprises 100 stories, each 100 words itself, and the cryptic invitation for the reader to add one of their own to the collection. Complete with whimsical illustrations, THE CORSET & THE JELLYFISH is a unique and magical curio to get lost in.