LOVECRAFT MONSTERS is a commendable contribution to the genre


As any fan of Lovecraft knows, you can’t keep the Old Ones down. In that vein, here are a pair of glowing reviews for the award-winning Ellen Datlow’s anthology LOVECRAFT’S MONSTERS.


‘Lovecraft‘s Monsters’ is a big anthology and this much gloom is probably best taken in small doses, unless you‘re from Innsmouth. The very famous Neil Gaiman opens the billing but I’m heading up the review with ‘Remnants’, a short story by Fred Chappell. Fred Chappell! I mean no disrespect to the other great talents on display here but for me a Fred Chappell story is a thing of glory. He writes beautifully, perhaps even more beautifully than Peter S. Beagle. He is a poet and has a poet’s ear for language and the rhythm of a sentence. I was mad for his ‘Shadow’ stories in ‘The Magazine Of Fantasy And Science-Fiction’ and intrigued to know what he would do with Lovecraft’s monsters. He doesn’t disappoint.

Eamonn Murphy then reviews every story in the book.


My lasting impression of the LOVECRAFT’S MONSTERS is that Ellen Datlow once again has created a solid anthology that is a commendable contribution to the genre.

Reviewer Martin Andersson also discussed every story.

For more information on LOVECRAFT’S MONSTERS, visit the Tachyon site.

Cover by John Coulthart.