Matthew Ortiz Caro on his MattFiction blog recommends (but emphatically doesn’t review) Lovecraft’s Monsters.

As Lovecraft’s influence continues to flourish, an inclusive subdivision of his literary universe evolves and continues to bear fruit in today’s modern literature. Such an example is Lovecraft’s Monsters, an artistic work consisting of a medley of pieces extracted from the mythos. This anthology not only pays homage to one of literature’s most talented writers, it expands the Lovecraft mythos by stretching the boundaries of terror in a manner much different than Lovecraft. Ellen Datlow, editor of “Lovecraft’s Monsters”, said it best, “I’m far more impressed and often surprised by writers who use the mythos in ways that its creator never dreamed of.”

Happy reading….hope you enjoy this one!

For more information on Lovecraft’s Monstersvisit the Tachyon site.

Cover and illustration by John Coulthart.