THE ESSENTIAL PETER S. BEAGLE is an amazing overview of the grandmaster’s short fiction

Though some four months from publication, THE ESSENTIAL PETER S. BEAGLE impresses with reviews of VOLUME I: LILA THE WEREWOLF AND OTHER STORIES from Sarrie on The StoryGraph, Book Reviews Forevermore, and Metaphorosis Reviews.

Both volumes of THE ESSENTIAL PETER S. BEAGLE are available for pre-order from all finer booksellers and directly from Tachyon.

Cover art by Stephanie Law
Design by Elizabeth Story

Mr. Beagle’s range in this collection was probably the most impressive part for me. The stories ranged from short fantastical stories, to mundane magic in the everyday, to urban fantasy with a darker edge. Throughout the collection all of these had a cozy and very classic feel to them. Fans of cozy fantasy would be right at home here.

The themes were all treated with respect within each story as well. Grief, loss, loneliness, aging, family, and respect for just life itself were covered. I cannot believe how well these all worked. Overall there was only one story that didn’t captivate me and had me emoting, and reading excerpts to my patient partner.

This was an amazing collection, and I cannot recommend it enough for existing fans of Mr. Beagle or fans of fantasy shorts or cozy fantasy. 

The StoryGraph

Stephanie Law’s drawings are the perfect companion to his works. I’ve long been a follower of her art on Instagram and recognized the style as soon as I saw it here.  I wish I could see it in color, however, and not my black-and-white screen. Definitely not optimal. (Watch her do gold-leafing on Insta sometime. It’s wonderful).

Is it essential? I don’t know. Does it have an overview of everything Beagle is capable of? Absolutely. Does it contain some gems? Definitely.

Book Reviews Forevermore

The stories are generally low key – somewhat contemplative, somewhat conversational – and I think I could safely say that Beagle is a master of the conversational story. Many of these also lean toward reminiscences, and effectively.

Metaphorosis Reviews