Marie Brennan’s staggeringly imaginative DRIFTWOOD is exciting delve into a land filled with magic and mystery

Though not due until August (but available for pre-order from your favorite bookseller or direct from Tachyon), Marie Brennan’s DRIFTWOOD already fascinates readers.

In a STARRED review, KIRKUS praises the work.

An exciting delve into a conglomerate land filled with magic and mystery.

At REDDIT r/fantasy, MikeOfThePalace loves the book.

DRIFTWOOD is probably the most creative thing I’ve read since The Library at Mount Char. It was just … staggeringly imaginative.

This is not a large book. I started reading it shortly before going to bed, intending to read only the first chapter or so and get a feel for my new book. Three hours later, I’m done, and have so many thoughts and emotions bouncing around inside me that I still can’t even think about sleep.

BENEATH A THOUSAND SKIES feels much the same.

The writing itself is beautiful, but it is the world-building (or perhaps more correctly world-breaking) where this book really stood out. The idea of this place where worlds come after their apocalypse, broken and merging, and breaking even more until they disappear is fascinating, and I would love to see more stories or even a longer novel set withing this concept, because there is something heart-breaking but intriguing about the idea.

Pamela Scott of THE BOOK LOVER’S BOUDOIR enjoys her first Brennan experience.

I’d never heard of the author before but I loved the title, the cover and the premise of the book. I thought Driftwood was amazing. I need to read more of the author because I enjoyed this so much. This is different than the books I normally read, a blend of dystopian and science fiction with a dash of fantasy. I loved the concept of the book, a wasteland where dying worlds finally end up and the last members of their communities struggle to survive before everything is wiped out. The world building is excellent. The characters are all well developed as well. I thought this was a fantastic book.