The suspenseful SEA CHANGE by Nancy Kress is a fast, exciting read


SEA CHANGE is a fast, exciting read that highlights climate change instead of pandemic as its apocalypse generator. In 2022, GMOs were banned.

KRISTEN’S BOOK JUNGLE feels much the same.

If you like novels that focus on the planet with high-stakes drama, tons of suspense, plenty of action, and sparks of eco-friendly hints of espionage, take a chance to read SEA CHANGE today.

Even more praise for SEA CHANGE

“A strong, striking look at a a possible future, and the courage that will allow us to survive it.”

—Laura Anne Gilman, author of Heat of Briar and Soul of Fire

“SEA CHANGE is like liquid nitrogen ice cream—a chilling treat. Right next door to the future, filled with dark wit—a fine addition to Kress’s work.”

—Greg Bear, author of Eon and Take Back the Sky

“Nancy Kress is one of the best science-fiction writers working today. Her use of science is tricky and thought-provoking, her command of fiction sharp and full of feeling.”

—Kim Stanley Robinson, author of The Years of Rice and Salt

“Nobody is better at destroying the world—see one of my favorite novellas, the multi-award-winning AFTER THE FALL, BEFORE THE FALL, DURING THE FALL—but here Nancy Kress dives into the science of genetically modified plants and shows us how we just may need them to save the planet. And this brilliant, thoughtful story is also a page-turner! I don’t know about you, but a thriller about a fear-mongering, anti-science government and the smart, brave people resisting it was exactly the story I needed right now.”

—Daryl Gregory, award-winning writer of Spoonbenders

“Kress brilliantly weaves together two halves of a bio-thriller about GMOs and climate change that blooms logically from our immediate past and into one possible catastrophic near future. What’s even more impressive is how she warns us about the dangers of GMOs on one hand, and teaches us about their wonderous advantages on the other. It’s science fiction and it’s not science fiction, and that’s what’s scary about this novella. Highly recommended.”

—Patrick Swenson, author of The Ultra Thin Man

“This taut, suspenseful near-future ecothriller combines a frighteningly plausible ecological/economic collapse scenario with genuine human emotion. A winner!”

—David D. Levine, author of Arabella of Mars