Happy birthday to the sensational Eileen Gunn

Photo by Scott Edelman

Acclaimed author and editor, Eileen Gunn won the 2004 Nebula Award for her short story “Coming to Terms” and was twice nominated for the Hugo Award (“Stable Strategies for Middle Management,” 1989 and “Computer Friendly,” 1990). Her stories were collected in the World Fantasy and Philip K. Dick Award nominated STABLE STRATEGIES AND OTHERS (2004; the Japanese translation was given the 2006 Sense of Gender Award), Steampunk Quartet (2011), Questionable Practices (2014), and Night Shift Plus Ursula and the Author Plus Promised Lands and Much More (2022). Gunn produced a pair of chapbooks (co-written by Michael Swanwick), The Trains That Climb the Winter Tree (2011) and Zeppelin City (2011), and the solo endeavor What Are Friends for? (2021).

Cover by John D. Berry

From 2001-08, she served as the editor/publisher of the acclaimed webzine The Infinite Matrix. Alongside L. Timmel Duchamp, Gunn co-edited The WisCon Chronicles, Vol. 2: Provocative Essays on Feminism, Race, Revolution, and the Future (2008). She also produced The Difference Dictionary, an Organic History Supplement to The Difference Engine by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling.

All of us at Tachyon wish the amazing Eileen a happy birthday.