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Michael Swanwick (photo: Beth Gwynn), Joe R. Lansdale (Karen Lansdale), and Lavie Tidhar (Kevin Nixon. © Future Publishing 2013)

Gregory Frost on his eponymous site shares the news that Michael Swanwick, author of NOT SO MUCH SAID THE CAT, joins the LIARS CLUB ODDCAST.

My good friend the amazingly inventive Michael Swanwick joins us on the LIARS CLUB ODDCAST this week to discuss the craft of writing science fiction and fantasy, his fascination with his con artists Darger and Surplus (and with writing short fiction) and even a bit of musing on the works of George R. R. Martin. Don’t miss a great interview with this multiple-award-winning author!


For MYSTERYPEOPLE, Molly Odintz discusses Joe R. Lansdale in A (Partial) Atlas of Texas Crime Fiction.

These are the two main threads of Texas crime fiction still today – tales of the city and the hypocrisy beneath its polite surface, and stories of small town secrets, where no matter how much prejudice is visible on the surface, there’s always more hidden beneath. Joe R. Lansdale continues Thompson’s mantle (with added horror and humor) in his Hap & Leonard series, as well as his stand-alone novels THE THICKET and SUNSET & SAWDUST, preserving the beauty of East Texas speech and nature while not shying away from the crass, casual brutality of East Texas lives, all while pointing out the absurdities of his setting and his characters.


PARADOKS previews STACJA CENTRALNA, the Polish edition of Lavie Tidhar’s Clarke, Campbell, and Locus award-nominated CENTRAL STATION.

In July, a science fiction novel “Central Station” by Lavie Tidhar will be published by Zysk i S-ka. This is a wonderful, multidimensional and deep story that combines all the best features of the genre. One of the best science-ficton novels by 2016, among others. “The Guardian”, “io9”.

(Translation from Polish courtesy of Google)


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