R. B. Lemberg’s THE FOUR PROFOUND WEAVES sounds incredible

Excitement grows for R. B. Lemberg and their forthcoming THE FOUR PROFOUND WEAVES.

Cover by Elizabeth Story based on initial concepts by Francesca Myman

Jo Ladzinski on their JO WRITES FANTASY (listed without comment) and EVERY BOOK A DOORWAY are excited about the book.

I don’t recall how exactly I discovered this one, but I’m so thankful that I did because it sounds incredible.


In an interview with PEN AMERICA, Rivers Solomon mentioned Lemberg and THE FOUR PROFOUND WEAVES when asked “Which writers working today are you most excited by?”

I love R.B Lemberg, whose novella THE FOUR PROFOUND WEAVES is forthcoming from Tachyon in 2020. Lyrical and unflinching.

On METAFILTER, Lemberg is mentioned several times in the conversations titled “3 months drinking from the firehose of trans literature/art/poetry/music.” In the beginning post, user protondonor list works by trans people in the order that they finished reading them. Interestingly enough the list begins with Lemberg’s “Grandmother-nai-Leylit’s Cloth of Winds” and finishes with Lemberg’s “The Desert Glassmaker and the Jeweler of Berevyar.”

In the ensuing comments, user thesmallmachine (aka Isaac R. Fellman) further elaborates on Lemberg.

Coming up next year, I’ve read ARC’s of Lemberg’s THE FOUR PROFOUND WEAVES, Daniel Ortberg (now Lavery)’s Something That May Shock and Discredit You, and Julian Jarboe’s Everyone on the Moon is Essential Personnel, and so I can say with confidence that 2020 is gonna be a GREAT year for transmasc writing.