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Elizabeth Story, Peter S. Beagle (photo: Rina Weisman), and Ellen Klages (Scott R. Kline)

ZEEZEE WITH BOOKS praises Tachyon lead designer Elizabeth Story’s cover for Peter S. Beagle’s IN CALABRIA.

As I was jotting down titles to include in this post, IN CALABRIA was foremost in my mind but it took forever for me to remember its title or the name of the author. My mind would only focus on the detailed borders of the cover: the curlicues and other such decorative lines surrounding the title and image of the unicorn. I had to visit a bookstore to jolt my memory into telling me the title and author’s name.


I love this cover design because it makes me think of the covers of vintage books that contain such decorative lines and curlicues often in gold or silver. I also like the detail that precedes the curving lines and runs along the edge of the cover. It adds some texture to it and makes me think that I’d be able to feel its imprint if I should rub my thumb over them.

TOR.COM’s 13 Optimistic Fantasies to Chase Away the Grimdark Blues includes Beagle’s The Innkeeper’s Song.

We talk about The Last Unicorn a lot on this site, because The Last Unicorn is fucking awesome. But! Peter S. Beagle did so much more! So when a Twitterer mentioned Beagle’s work, I decided to highlight The Innkeeper’s Song. Beagle jumps across multiple points of view to weave several different quests together. Tikat pursues his childhood love, whom he saw resurrected by magicians. Lal and Nyateneri, the magicians, are racing to save their old mentor from his powerful but evil student. Lukassa, the resurrected girl, has her own path to pursue. And the Innkeeper himself must take them all in, even though he knows they bring trouble with them. Through nested quests and elegant language, Beagle tries to get to the heart of death, love, and duty.


PODCASTLE 527: Flash Fiction Extravaganza! features an Ellen Klages’ excerpt.

Note that the text for “Intelligent Design” is a story sample; the whole story is only available in audio format.”Intelligent Design” is a re-run of PodCastle Mini 24.


God cocked his thumb and aimed his index finger at the firmament.

Ka-pow! Pow! Pow! A line of three perfect glowing pinpoints of light appeared in the black void. He squeezed his eyes almost shut and let off a single shot. Ping! The pinprick of light at the far edge of the firmament, just where it touched the rim of the earth, glowed faintly red.

For more info about IN CALABRIA, visit the Tachyon page.

Cover design by Elizabeth Story@ZezeeWithBooks