Ars Necronomica showcases the legacy and future of Lovecraft in visual arts

(photo: courtesy of Providence Art Club)

The historic Providence Art Club is hosting the Second Annual Ars Necronomica from August 11 – September 4.

The exhibition will be presented by the Lovecraft Arts & Sciences Council as part of the Second Annual NecronomiCon Providence, a biennial convention celebrating “weird fiction, art, and academia”. A total of 21 artists will be highlighted including the well-known British illustrator John Coulthart will be featured in the Moitié Gallery for his illustration work dedicated to H.P. Lovecraft. Mr. Coulthart will be the Artist Guest of Honor for the exhibition.

In conjunction with Ars Necronomica, the Providence Art Club will display member artwork related to the theme “Rhode Island Eerie.” These pieces, featuring Rhode Island motifs, themes, and landscapes portrayed through the lens of the life and work of H. P. Lovecraft, will be displayed in the Dodge House Gallery to complement the collection of Lovecraftian art presented by the Lovecraft Arts & Sciences Council.

Among Coulthart’s art were two illustrations from  LOVECRAFT’S MONSTERS

Coulthart standing beside his LOVECRAFT’S MONSTERS title page image.

(photo: courtesy of Providence Art Club)

Coulthart’s image that accompanied Nadia Bulkin’s “Red Goat Black Goat” in LOVECRAFT’S MONSTERS.

(photo: John Coulthart)

Attendees at Ars Necronomica Opening enjoying Coulthart’s art.

(photo: courtesy of Providence Art Club)

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