Best of 2015: WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE edition

The fact that Daryl Gregory’s World Fantasy and Shirley Jackson award winning novella WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE came out in 2014 did not stop the work making it’s way on to several best of 2015 lists.


FOSSANATIONS, M. Huw Evans mentioned both Gregory’s WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE and it’s prequel HARRISON SQUARED among his best reads of 2015.

Brilliant novella. Engaging, compelling, thought-provoking, emotionally moving, and funny. I feel like the characters are still living in my head—they pop up every now and again to remind me that the world is a very weird place.

Super fun Lovecraftian YA novel featuring [spoilers] one of the characters from WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope Daryl gives us more novels from this world!


Nate Southard on his
STATIC BROADCASTS named the novella as one of his favorite reads of 2015.

A support group made up of very unique people might just save the world from a very ancient, otherworldly terror.  This novella was the first Gregory I’ve read, but it will be nowhere near the last.  He creates riveting characters and lets the story roll out naturally, not to mention the amazing amount of imagination and a brilliant, heartfelt final twist.  Read.  Now.

Without comment, Gregor Xane included WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE among his top 11 reads of the year.


Adam Christopher’s top five contained AFTERPARTY and gave both WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE and HARRISON SQUARED honorable mentions.

I’ve known Daryl for a while (we are, after all, founding members of the Two First Names gang), but Afterparty was the first book of his that I’ve actually read. And… I loved it. A near-future novel about a drug that makes you believe in God, it instantly made Daryl one of my favourite writers. Honourable mentions to his novel Harrison Squared and World Fantasy Award-winning novella, We Are All Completely Fine, which I also devoured this year.


Similarly BOOKS BONES AND BUFFY named AFTERPARTY to their best of list and mentioned WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE.

For more information on WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE, visit the Tachyon page.

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