Happy birthday to the visionary Jacob Weisman


Photo: Jill Roberts

Writer, editor, and publisher Jacob Weisman founded Tachyon Publications in 1995. Originally the goal was to bring back the old masters who were out of print, as evident by Clifford Simak and Mary Shelley collections and novels by Stanley Weinbaum and Robert Nathan. Tachyon published 2-3 titles a year and only sold to specialty bookstores. In 2003, Weisman decided to “start the company over from scratch.” He wisely hired Managing Editor Jill Roberts, secured distribution that brought Tachyon books to mainstream bookstores, and expanded the line to 8-10 books year. The Tachyon titles have won Nebula, Hugo, World Fantasy, Shirley Jackson, and Locus awards. Weisman, himself, garnered World Fantasy Award nominations in 1999, 2009 and 2010.


While Weisman oversees all of Tachyon books, he was directly responsible for several anthologies including THE TREASURY OF THE FANTASTIC (with David Sandner; originally published by Frog, Ltd), THE SWORD & SORCERY ANTHOLOGY (with David Hartwell)  INVADERS: 22 TALES FROM THE OUTER LIMITS OF LITERATURE  and forthcoming THE NEW VOICES IN FANTASY (with Peter S. Beagle).


Prior to Tachyon, Weisman edited and published 14 issues of the quarterly fantasy magazine THE THIRTEENTH MOON and worked for the Seattle SuperSonics. His writings have appeared in THE NATION, REALMS
COOPER POINT JOURNAL, and in the college textbook, SPORT IN


Everyone at Tachyon wishes the extraordinary Jacob a happy birthday. And not just because we’re told to.

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