R.B. Lemberg’s first Birdverse novel THE UNBALANCING is intense and deeply moving

Cover by Elizabeth Story

Though not coming out until September, R. B. Lemberg’s THE UNBALANCING, the first novel set in the beloved Birdverse, is already garnering effusive praise from Publishers Weekly and Crane Hana Books, while BuzzFeed News features it in 26 Science Fiction And Fantasy Novels By Trans And Nonbinary Authors and QueerBookdom includes the title on Supporting Debuts: 2022 Queer Debuts You Should Make Sure Not To Miss!

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Photo by Bogi Takács

Brisk action balances the meditations on gender and glimpses of the complex magic system as this unpredictable tale wends to an intense and deeply moving climax. It’s bittersweet and lovely.

Publishers Weekly

THE UNBALANCING is a beautiful novel, and a welcome ramping-up of Lemberg’s Birdverse.  Tachyon Publications looks like they’re making a stunning physical book to complement this rich and deep story. 

Crane Hana Books