With a truly distinctive and poetic narrative voice, R. B. Lemberg’s THE UNBALANCING is a much-needed novel

Early in the new year, R. B. Lemberg’s THE UNBALANCING continues to thrill and excite with a glowing mention from Gary K. Wolfe’s The Year in Review 2022 in Locus and praising reviews from R. M. Harper for The Fantasy Review and Marlene Harris’ Reading Reality.

Cover by Elizabeth Story

R.B. Lem­berg returned us to their evocative, lyrical Birdverse with its first full-length novel, THE UNBALANCING, featuring a decidedly complex, conflicted, and neuroatypical central charac­ter with a truly distinctive and poetic narrative voice.


That is why we write fantasy, and it is why we read it: to imagine different worlds than ours, and examine the way forward. In that, Lemberg has crafted a a much-needed novel for the inhabitants of a tired world.

The Fantasy Review

The more I read of the Birdverse, the more fascinated I become with this fantastic and fantastical place. The story in THE UNBALANCING is complete in and of itself, but it hints at depths that I found myself wishing I knew better. In other words, I loved it AND I wanted more.

Reading Reality