Win a copy of DIGITAL RAPTURE, signed by James Patrick Kelly, John Kessel, and Hannu Ranjaniemi


John Kessel and James Patrick Kelley

In celebration of the recently released HANNU RAJANIEMI: COLLECTED FICTION, we, with the help of the fine folks at SF SIGNAL, are giving away a SIGNED copy of DIGITAL RAPTURE: THE SINGULARITY ANTHOLOGY. The book is signed by editors James Patrick Kelly and John Kessel as well as contributor Hannu Ranjinemi.


When the Singularity arrives and computers possess superhuman intelligence, will there be an ecstatic merging of machine and mind—or an instantaneous techno-apocalypse? Will there be the enslavement of humanity or “the Rapture of the Nerds”? The post-human future is here in its wildest science-fictional imaginings and intriguing scientific speculations.

This far-reaching anthology traces the path of the Singularity, an era when advances in technology will totally transform human reality. It travels to the alien far-future of H. G. Wells (MIND
AT THE END OF ITS TETHER), to the almost human near-future of Ray Kurzweil (THE
SINGULARITY IS NEAR), from Elizabeth Bear’s fusion of woman, machine, God, and shark (“The Inevitable Heat Death of the Universe”), to Isaac Asimov’s evolution of ineffable logic (“The Last Question”). As intelligence both figuratively (and possibly literally) explodes, science-fiction authors and futurists have dared to peek over the edge of the event horizon. Join them there.

Visit SF SIGNAL for details about the giveaway for the *SIGNED* copy of DIGITAL RAPTURE: THE SINGULARITY ANTHOLOGY.


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Cover by Josh Beatman.

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