Join best-selling and award winning authors Lauren Beukes and Charlie Jane Anders at Rose City Comic Con

Tachyon authors Lauren Beukes and Charlie Jane Anders are attending the 2023 Rose City Comic Con, September 22-24 in Portland, OR.

Portland’s premier pop culture event, Rose City Comic Con is produced locally with a weird and wonderful vibe that is unique to the Pacific Northwest. Now in its eleventh year, the ultimate goal remains ever the same—to deliver the most rewarding, memorable, laughter-inducing weekend ever!

While comic books and their mega-talented creators remain the cornerstone of RCCC, fans of all ages can also gain access to top-tier celebrity guests, video and tabletop gaming, cosplay, anime, science fiction, fantasy, and everything in between!

Rose City Comic Con About

Beukes and Anders are participating in some of the abundant events at Rose City Comic Con.

Friday, September 22


Room E145-146

Lessons from the Future

Between the lure of interplanetary adventure and seemingly utopian societies with crumbling underbellies, how do our imagined future worlds illuminate the tarnished reflections of our own?

Panelists: NE Davenport, Annalee Newitz, Charlie Jane Anders, Terry Brooks, Seanan McGuire


Building Blocks and Foundations

Room E145-146

Whether contemporary, fantasy, or science fiction writers create the intricacies of their worlds. What are the building blocks needed to withstand the twists and turns authors put their characters through? From atmosphere to agriculture and more, what questions should writers ask themselves to bring a world to life?

Panelist: Courtney Gould, Travis Baldree, Lauren Beukes, Rosiee Thor, William Ritter


Room E145-146

Celebrating Queer Joy in Storytelling

Join Geeks OUT for a vibrant discussion exploring the empowering world of queer joy in stories! Discover how diverse characters and creators embrace their identities, challenge stereotypes, and illuminate the queer experience with joyful narratives.

Panelists: Jarrett Melendez, Rosiee Thor, Charlie Jane Anders, Courtney Gould and Annalee Newitz

Saturday, September 23


Our Opinions Are Correct

Room E145-146

A panel, but do it in the style of the Our Opinions are Correct Podcast hosted by Charlie Jane Anders and Annalee Newitz! It’s the Hugo Award winning podcast from the humans who brought you io9! Explore the meaning of science fiction, and how it’s relevant to real-life science and society. Your hosts are Annalee Newitz, a science journalist who writes science fiction, and Charlie Jane Anders, a science fiction writer who is obsessed with science. They are joined by special guests Lauren Beukes and Fonda Lee for this very special event. Don’t miss your chance to see all the opinions and just how correct they are.

Sunday, September 24


Room E145-146

The Crew: The Power of Found Family

Often forged through conflict and united goals, found family is an endearing trope featured in many of our favorite novels. Whether a fellowship, a crew, or just a bunch of misfits, these writers discuss what makes a good found family and why is it writing gold.

Panelists: William Ritter, NE Davenport, Charlie Jane Anders, Rosiee Thor, Travis Baldree


Room E145-146

The Plot Thickens

What are the elements of a good mystery? What keeps us turning the pages and running down dark alleys for clues? Join our authors as they discuss tension, atmosphere, and what keeps readers and writers on the edge of their seats.

Panelists: Courtney Gould, Rosiee Thor, Lauren Beukes, and Seanan McGuire