With whimsical THE SCARLET CIRCUS, Jane Yolen once again proves that she’s a word alchemist

Though some five months from publication, Jane Yolen’s latest collection THE SCARLET CIRCUS (with an intro from Brandon Sanderson) is already garnering glowing reviews from Publishers Weekly, BookBub, and The Neverending TBR List.

Preorders for THE SCARLET CIRCUS are currently available via the Tachyon site and all finer booksellers.

Cover for The Scarlet Circus, a collection of love stories by Jane Yolen
Cover by Elizabeth Story

For this whimsical collection, World Fantasy Award winner Yolen (THE MIDNIGHT CIRCUS) brings together 11 fantastical shorts centered on romantic love. Yolen’s trademark fairy tale styling is on display throughout, with vivid, pithy prose animating each quirky flight of fancy.

Publishers Weekly

Yolen is an alchemist who twists everyday words into something magical. And love is something to enjoy experiencing in our reading. Yolen’s takes on it in this collection are magnificent. Pick THE SCARLET CIRCUS up, and prepare to be seduced, mesmerized, and enthralled.


I really like it when Jane Yolen takes a story you think you know and turns it on its head.  Those tend to be my favorites.

Bonus points to Jane for finding love again much later in life after being widowed.  There’s some romance for you!  Although, if her story is one to follow, I better start looking back where I started instead of seeing if there is anything new out there. 

The Neverending TBR List