The Science Fiction and Fantasy Satire Bundle, curated by Nick Mamatas, features Thomas M. Disch, Andrew Fox, Lavie Tidhar, and Terry Bisson

STORYBUNDLE offers a science fiction and fantasy satire bundle of 12 extraordinary tales including Nick Mamatas’ brilliant, oddball THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF EVERYTHING, Thomas M. Disch’s extraordinarily funny bit of heresy THE WORD OF GOD: OR, HOLY WRIT REWRITTEN,  Andrew Fox’s intensely interesting, wild ride THE GOOD HUMOR MAN, Terry Bisson’s fresh, imaginative Tva Baby, and Lavie Tidhar’s inspired and fantastical Jesus and the Eightfold Path.

Curator Nick Mantas, dubbed “The People’s Commissar of Awesome” by China Miéville, had this to say:

Satire runs through the field of science fiction/fantasy like veins of gold in the Earth. Both genres have their origin with Lucian’s A True Story, which parodied the various epics and myths known to educated readers in the second century AD, and which featured a trip to the moon, interplanetary warfare, and philosophical analysis of some rigor. Even the title is both satirical and an exercise in logic—the text of the story is all lies, Lucian admits, but the work is a true story because it exists in the category of story: it is true that it is a story.

And now let us skip ahead almost two thousand years, thanks! You all know about H.G. Wells and Joanna Russ and Kurt Vonnegut and all that stuff. The world we live in is obviously absurd, and has been so for quite some time. (It’s why we needed to skip ahead.) But one cannot just strip off one’s clothes and run through downtown screaming, “We used to pretend little pieces of paper had value just to be able to eat and live, but now we pretend that little bits of electricity are the valueless pieces of paper! We’re all mad! Resist! Revolt!” and expect to get very far, even if climate change means more days per year of appropriate streaking weather. But when we can do is trade electricity for electricity, and get you a dozen amazing books for fifteen or more amazing dollars.

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Cover by Elizabeth Story

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