Tachyon tidbits featuring Patricia McKillip, Nalo Hopkinson, Alastair Reynolds, and Bruce Sterling

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Patricia A. McKillip (Photo: Stephen Gold/Wikimedia Commons), Nalo Hopkinson (David Findlay), Alastair Reynolds (Barbera Bella), Bruce Sterling (VERGE)

In the July 2016 LOCUS, Faren Miller reviews Patricia A. McKillip’s DREAMS OF DISTANT SHORES.

But here, and throughout the collection, every piece of wrack, scavenger bird, and sorceress contains multitudes.



Adults turning into monsters, time travel, orchids that infect rats, ghosts, missing chickens, abundant casual queerness. All these things can be found in the short story collection FALLING IN LOVE WITH HOMINIDS. I cannot recall the last time I read a short fiction collection that I enjoyed so absolutely. There was not a single story I found myself bored by or disinterested in reading.

FALLING IN LOVE WITH HOMINIDS is a sci-fi/fantasy collection. There isn’t one type that you could boil all the stories down to though. They’re different types of sci-fi/fantasy. Some I would call urban fantasy, others might be slightly more“classic” sci-fi. There are others still that are outside those two categories, there’s a “zombie” story, a ghost story. There’s something here for everyone. Whether you have a preference for fantasy, sci-fi, or something different.


There are such an excellent variety of stories. There’s even one that’s an extrapolation on  THE TEMPEST, focusing on Caliban and Ariel. If you’re a sci-fi/fantasy fan there will almost definitely be something in this collection that catches your fancy. 


At LIS CAREY’S LIBRARY, Carey recommends Alastair Reynolds’ SLOW BULLETS.

There’s a lot going on here, and Reynolds handles it very well.

Highly recommended.

Marty Halpern on his MORE RED INK delivers some hard facts about Bruce Sterling’s PIRATE UTOPIA.

As to the “hard facts”: Due to popular demand, the alt-history, Futurist, dieselpunk PIRATE UTOPIA, which was to launch as a trade paperback, will now first appear in a collectible hardcover edition for the mere retail price of $19.95. A Bruce Sterling hardcover for only $19.95? Say it ain’t so!


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