One of the best books of 2023, with THE LEGEND OF CHARLIE FISH Josh Rountree blends genres like he’s freestyling a casserole

Josh Rountree’s debut novel THE LEGEND OF CHARLIE FISH garners year end acclaim from Max Booth III at San Antonio Current, The Speculative Shelf, and Speculiction.

The Legend of Charlie Fish
Cover by John Coulthart

Speaking of Lansdale, here’s what he had to say about Josh Rountree’s THE LEGEND OF CHARLIE FISH: “Odd, creepy, funny, The Black Lagoon meets the Six Gun universe. High up on the way-cool factor. You need this.” We find it hard to disagree with that kind of endorsement. Rountree blends genres like he’s freestyling a casserole. Recommended for fans of the Coen Brothers.

San Antonio Current

Rountree effectively crafts deep characterizations for each of his cast members and makes you care for their plight, especially during the breathless final act as a colossal hurricane bears down on their Galveston locale…I was thoroughly taken with this story, Rountree’s writing, and the unique island setting.

The Speculative Shelf

Combining tall tale and Texas history, The Legend of Charlie Fish tells of the hurricane—the Great Storm—that hit Galveston at the start of the 20th century. Rountree captures a solid authorial voice and nicely edits the story in such a fashion to avoid A to B to C storytelling.