Three more reviews for Lovecraft’s Monsters, the new anthology from the award-winning Ellen Datlow.

“There’s a lot to love in Lovecraft’s Monsters, an anthology which is both faithful and inventive at the same time. Unafraid to take risks and snazzily illustrated, this collection is proof that the Cthulhu cult remains as strong as ever. 9 out of 10”

“Anyone who is a fan of horror or weird fiction should be familiar with the name of Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Even if you’ve never read him (or read a bit but didn’t dig him), you’re likely a fan of a few of the writers in this collection. From Neil Gaiman to Karl Edward Wagner, there are some heavy hitters stepping up to the plate. Only one story makes its debut here; the rest were all published over the preceding three decades. This demonstrates that the vast majority of these writers wanted to pay homage to Lovecraft on their own without being solicited for a special collection. It also proves that if you are looking for a horror anthology that’ll knock you on your ass, look for ‘edited by Ellen Datlow.’”
Bookshelf Bombshells

“For the most part, the stories in Lovecraft’s Monsters don’t try to emulate Lovecraft’s style which is, I think, part of why they are so successful. They cover a range of genres from traditional horror, to steampunk, to hard boiled detective, among others and a range of time periods as well. There are stories told from the perspective of the monsters, innocent bystanders and hardened investigators. There are strong roots in the established Mythos but the authors have really taken Lovecraft’s creations to new places and used them in new ways.”
Seattle Geekly

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Cover by John Coulthart