Come tax day 2014, Tachyon Publications will offer even greater horror


The Jaded Consumer reminds that come tax day 2014, Tachyon Publications will offer even a greater horror: Ellen Datlow’s newest anthology Lovecraft’s Monsters

On April 15, it will to loose Lovecraft’s Monsters upon the world.  The collection celebrates Lovecraft-crafted horror with short works that play in his sandbox.  H.P. Lovecraft’s tales generally relate one narrator’s exposure to new-discovered clues of looming supernatural threats from awful gods. This collection showcases diverse authors’ depictions, from wildly different points of view, of different slices of life in a Lovecraftian community.  The result is a delightful array of little pieces that range in mood and subject. Unholy sacrifice, forbidden love, a private dick on the trail of a murderer – there’s something there for everyone.

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Cover by John Coulthart.