Happy birthday to the singular and amazing Daryl Gregory

Author of the World Fantasy and Shirley Jackson Award winning WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE (2014), Daryl Gregory also wrote the Crawford award winning novel Pandemonium (2008), and many other acclaimed works including The Devil’s Alphabet (2009), Raising Stony Mayhall (2011), Afterparty (2014), Harrison Squared (2015; the young adult prequel to WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE), Spoonbenders (2017), Nine Last Days on Planet Earth (2018), and The Album of Dr. Moreau (2021).

Cover design by Elizabeth Story

Gregory has written several comics and graphic novels including Legenderry: Green Hornet, Secret Battles of Genghis Khan, Dracula: Company of Monsters, and an acclaimed run on Planet of the Apes.  Many of his stories were collected in Unpossible and Other Stories (2011).

All of us at Tachyon wish the magnificent Daryl an extraordinary birthday. Now matter how terrible things are, we hope it all stays fine.