The incredible Michael Blumlein was born 73 years ago

Photo by Francesca Myman (Locus Magazine)

Formerly a practicing M.D and faculty member at the University of California in San Francisco, the insightful and witty Michael Blumlein’s modest, yet impactful output included The Movement Of Mountains (1987), The Healer (2005), THE ROBERTS (2011), and Longer (2019). His novel X,Y (1993) was the basis for the 2004 movie of the same name.

Cover design by Elizabeth Story

Many of his short stories and essays have been collected in the Readercon Award winner and World Fantasy Award nominated The Brains of Rats (1990), What the Doctor Ordered (2013), All I Ever Dreamed (2018), and Thoreau’s Microscope (2018). Blumlein also wrote the screenplay for the acclaimed short film Decodings (1988).