Happy birthday to the dynamic Kasey Lansdale

Master of many skills, Tachyon publicist Kasey Lansdale is an acclaimed singer, actor, author, editor, and publisher.

Following the popular response to her first two records No More Rain and Back of My Smile (both 2007), Lansdale’s first band Kasey Lansdale & The Daletones opened for country music legend, Ray Price, at several of his concerts throughout Texas. Her albums Know Me (2007) and Never Say Never (2010) appeared before she relocated briefly to Nashville from her native Nacodoches, TX. While there, Lansdale recorded her first full-length album Restless (2013) under the stewardship of executive producer John Carter Cash. The single “Sorry Ain’t Enough” (2013) debuted at #4 on the National MPE Downloads Chart. She opened for Wyonna Judd in 2016. A member of the Country Music Association, her music has been featured in the film Cold in July and Hap and Leonard TV series.

Lansdale brought her acting talents to Christmas with the Dead (2012), Hap and Leonard (2017), and Lovers in a Dangerous Time (2021). She lent her voice talents to the animated series The Reflection (2017) and for audio readings of George R. R. Martin’s Wild Cards. Lansdale appeared as herself and sang on the Animal Planet show Finding Bigfoot (2016).

Her first short story publication, “The Companion” (1995), co-written when she was eight years old with her brother Keith and her famous father Joe R., was adapted for the Shudder TV series Creepshow. Terror is Our Business: Dana Roberts’ Casebook of Horrors (2018) and Dark Kin (2023) collects stories co-written with her father. She made her graphic novel scripting debut with The Case of the Bleeding Wall (2024 co-writer Joe R. and art by Daniele Serra) As an editor, Lansdale helmed Fresh Blood & Old Bones (2012) and Impossible Monsters (2013). Because apparently she doesn’t believe in sleep, Lansdale is also the publisher of Pandi Press. Originally created to publish Joe R.’s work, the press has recently began to publish others beginning with books by Del Howison.

All of us at Tachyon, wish the amazing, dizzifying Kasey a happy birthday. Try and take the day off to enjoy your birthday. You’ve earned it.