Happy birthday to the NEW YORK TIMES best-selling author Kelley Armstrong

Kelley Armstrong (r) at American Library Association conference June 25-30 2015
Photo by Jacob Weisman

Canadian Kelley Armstrong’s first novel Bitten, the initial book of Women Of The Otherworld, was published in 2001. The immensely popular series eventually culminated with the thirteenth volume, Thirteen, in 2012. The seventh book No Humans Involved was Armstrong’s first New York Times best-seller. For three seasons from 2014 to 2016, the Canadian channel Space adapted Bitten into a popular television series.

In 2007, Armstrong began her second series, Nadia Stafford, with Exit Strategy. 2008’s The Summoning started The Darkest Powers trilogy. The second volume of the series Awakening achieved a number one status on the New York Times best-seller list. She followed that series in 2011 with the sequel trilogy The Darkness Rising.

Armstrong started the Cainsville series in 2013, which is comprised of five novels-(Omens [2013], Visions [2014], Deceptions [2015], Betrayals [2016],Rituals [2017]) and the young adult The Age Of Legends with Sea Of Shadows (2014), Empire Of Night (2015), and Forest Of Ruin (2016). She has published (as K. L. Armstrong co-authored with Melissa Marr) the middle-grade fantasy series Blackwell Pages Trilogy (Loki’s Wolves [2013], Odin’s Ravens [2014], Thor’s Serpents [2015]).

2020 was another busy year with The Gryphon’s Lair (2nd volume to volume in a new middle grade series that began with A Royal Guide to Monster Slaying (2019), Wolf’s Curse, the conclusion to Otherworld: Kate and Logan duology that began with Wolf’s Bane (2019), and the stand-alone novels, Every Step She Takes and A Stitch in Time.

Her short stories have been collected in several books including Men Of The Otherworld (2010), Tales of the Otherworld (2012), Otherworld Nights (2014), Darkest Powers Tales (2015), LED ASTRAY: THE BEST OF KELLEY ARMSTRONG (2015), Otherworld Chills (2016), The Complete Darkest Powers Tales (2017), and Portents (2018)

All of us at Tachyon, wish the extraordinary Kelley a happy birthday! Beware the creatures of the night. They’re not be trifled with.